Moon Astrology

Moon Astrology

How the moon impacts your Emotional being?

Moon is associated with serene, calm and mysterious. Known for its magical beauty, the moon has a major impact on your life. The white moon describes your personality, your inner self. Unlike other planets, the moon changes its position in every 28 days. There are twelve signs of the zodiac and every zodiac has its impact on the moon. Moon describes your inner self and your emotional stability when it enters into a zodiac. Moon Astrology is a wonderful way of predicting life events. The changing moon positions change your inner and emotional stability with time. It is said that only moon is one planet that travels in all 12 horoscopes in less time.

Moon impacts your being in different ways

  • Moon has its say on your mind, habits, behavior patterns, profession and feelings, love, romance, partner, married life and more.
  • A positive moon gives you joy, enthusiasm, peace of mind, emotional stability. On the contrary a negative moon has negative sides.
  • In numerology Moon is associated with number 2. Moon astrology can be used to describe a person emotional well-being. Moon astrology can help you in solving a lot of health problems as well. Maintain stable relations by knowing moon positions and its impact on your life.
  • Astrologers’ uses moon astrology to provide answers to many questions that deal with the mental and emotional well being.
  • Moon astrology is one exceptional technique of finding ways to stabilize your emotions. Emotional turbulence and tensions play havoc in your personal and professional life, it can even lead to depression. Solve the mysteries of life by unraveling moon and its locations by moon astrology.
  • Get to know your married life and the right kind of partner for blissful married life through moon astrology. Astrologer’s uses moon astrology to provide solutions for many diseases that relates to skin, hair, eyes through moon astrology. Sun and Moon are the two most essential part of the entire universe. Every astrological study is based on their locations and presence in zodiac signs. Hindu mythology treats the sun and the moon with utmost importance, from marriages to health and happiness. All major life events predictions can be made by locating their position and direction.
  • Moon astrology can help you in more than one way to secure a better life.


Astrology basically consists of many different belief systems which can tell you the relationship between astronomical phenomenon and human being.

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