10 of Swords Reversed

10 of Swords Reversed

Learn to recover and regenerate the miseries of life

The ten of the swords usually upholds a man who appears to lie in a position with his face pointing downwards with ten long swords that are already embedded in his back. A red cape is draped over the lower half of the man’s body while the top half of the person.is found to remain unclothed. The sky that has been lying above him remains pitch black and thus, there is a spontaneous and general feeling of availing loss, pain and misfortune coming together to the individual in the form of a package. In spite of such negativity, there are still versions contributing towards the optimistic version of the human lives.

Ominous images with positivity:-

The 10 of swords reversed indicates that there ought to be a painful ending which would invite the appeals of growth and regeneration. The sea before which the half draped body of the man lies is found to be still and calm and the sun is found to rise in the distance that is located beyond all the enormous physical features. Those features include mountains that centralise the theme of darkness which will certainly be dispelled soon. Therefore, it is a lesson that teaches us that all the new beginning must be derived from an end and every defeat in this context is usually represented with the defeats, which in turn resembles that each defeat sows the seeds of the future victory. The suit of swords as depicted by the 10 of swords reversed resembles the suit of plans, thoughts and attitudes, which is quite important in the aspect of mental transformations. The card also indicates the forceful re-evaluation of the spirit which will surely welcome the positive virtue of life despite all the initial trauma and torment.


Re-evaluate your spirit. Darkness and anxiety may cross your path but you need to realise that it is not the end of everything. A clear soul with an optimistic thought and attitude retains the capability to deal all kinds of tough situations. Do not let yourself be a victim of trauma.


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