2 of Cups Reversed

2 of Cups Reversed

2 of cups is known for blossoming love and relationship, friendship and happiness.

This card shows you enjoy a beautiful relationship where everything seems to be perfect, this can cause a problem in when you over indulge in your love life. It is always said, there should be a limit of everything, every emotion in your life. Limitless things are untamable and lead to difficult situations.

2 of cups Reversed at Work

At work, this card may not be very positive. It shows the feelings of disinterest, losing faith in the job at workplace. You may tend to take work mates getting hostile towards you and you need to bear that with patience. It might be a temporary phase for you if an intuition says that this will pass then, maintain balance and patience or try to figure out new opportunities. Trust your instincts for decision making.

In Relationships

Are you dragging an old problem or tiff in present relationship? Try to forgive and forget your past as it might be affecting your current relationship. Try to overcome the pangs of past and start fresh. Take time and think about future. Don’t dig past grave and let it rest in peace for your own peace of mind.


This 2 of cups in reverse is related to the finances and relationships. If your relationships with people working with you are platonic, then it means your money flow will get better with time. Invest in people and look for the right kind of people worth your time and money to yield success.


The 2 of cups in terms of health is a very positive card, it showcases the need of external help. If you think an external help can improve your current health situations then you must ask out for help. Don’t keep things to yourself. An External help can turn out to be a real healer for you.

Soul- Connect

Soul connects with 2 of cups shows the opening of the heart chakra, feel the bliss and enjoy the happiness at heart. The entire universe is blessing you with good things and positive energies. You just need to feel it.

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