2 of Swords Reversed

2 of Swords Reversed

The ultimate guide to two of swords reversed

A card of choice interprets the choice as well as the difficulty of making a decision as granted by the player. The woman in the card that represents the 2 of swords reversed is blindfolded and perhaps the basic intention associated with this card reveals the indication that shows that the lady in the card is avoiding to make a difficult decision in the provided circumstances. She seems to be quite calm and relaxed which means that the card is indicative of trying to avoid such an important decision. It also upholds the peace of mind, thereby representing that the decision would still be made. The appearance of the 2 of swords reversed indicates that the player is currently facing a difficult decision and the player is somewhat attempting to hide from the situation.

Association of real life with the game:-

If the attempt of making the decision is avoided for too long, it may go away of its accord. However, this decision would not escape simply by your will to depart it. You will eventually analyze getting your own conscience and thus it will surely force you in the process of facing your refusal to make a direct deal with the situation. The two of the swords also help in serving as a reminder that indicates availing the decisions of life which make our interpretation with several difficult situations, yet, we still raise the dimensions to interpret the possibilities of painful consequences and carry out the procedure through the best possible intentions of the life’s situations. Avoidance may often lead to a greater conflict. So it is always recommended with a brave soul and give the best in every way possible which will surely support us to gain the best results.


Having a good decisive power is essential within each one of us. There are several instances where we ought to face different unexpected situations. However, each one us needs to learn to deal them efficiently. We can never afford to escape from the circumstances. Rather, we need to face them boldly.


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