2 of Swords

2 of Swords

 2 of Swords

Getting to know the condition of limbo with 2 of Swords

The 2 of Swords is Tarot card for love and relationship matters for the partners.  It is a card which depicts the picture blindfolded woman who is sitting in front of the sea with rocky waters. She is sitting under the waxing moon holding crossed swords the sign of protection is over her head.

The indication of blindfold shows the unseeing mind which shows the decision has to be made. But the woman does not want to take the decision and closed her eyes from the reality. The hard kind of sea shows the inability for ships to get into needed resources which are very far and not in access.

Swords represent the ideas, thoughts and thinking the power of a person. But swords are crossed which are blocking the growth and creative type of solution.  The shine of moonlight is trying to get into the blockage and searching for the possibility of progress. The woman is aware of all situations but blindfolding the truth which is blocking the new ideas of life.  The woman is in the mode of denial.

The two swords are ready to take the decision but do want to change and grow in future. It is like they want to be in the same place and escaping themselves to face the real situation of life. It shows the mark of the unhealthy condition which is stuck somewhere and not willing to make some changes in future. There are various elements which are contradictory which shows the heart and head are opposite to each other.


Two of swords show the undecided situations of love related matters and all the issues related to marriage affairs. The crossed swords showing different indications and the women sitting near sea also do not have clear thoughts about the real conditions. The woman is also in the state to denial in all the conditions.


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