3 of Cups Reversed

3 of Cups Reversed

3 of cups in reversal are known for reminding you about friends and family

3 of cups in reversal are known for reminding you about friends and family who have been missing for quite a long time. 3 of cups showcase the need to meet more people either from the past or make new friends. You need support that can only be provided by your loved ones.

At Workplace

This 3 of cups emphasis on personal relationships at work, Do you envy or have jealousy for anyone? It is the right time to consider and try to mitigate factors that contribute to such feelings. At work, you feel good and content about everything and come out to be successful in life. Don’t give up if anything goes wrong as it is just the phase.

In Relationships

If you are in a romantic relationship then financial issues can create problems in your current relationship. If you are seeking someone then make sure you go out with people and make new friends to find your mate.


With 3 of cups in reversal, you need to take care of the feelings you develop because of the finances. Everyone has its own way of spending and few also splurge. Don’t let feelings of jealousy and envy get seated in your mind as it will hamper your relationship with others? Your money flow will be usual but increased spending power may leave you a penny less at the end of the month.


For health, this card is very important as it throws light on how you take care of health and what steps do you take for same. If you have any problem or have any confusion, then take help of other family members to support you.

Soul Connect

The 3 of cups showcase the importance of fellowship and someone who can help you in gaining spiritual connect with almighty. You may feel dislike the feeling of sharing your personal connects with anyone else but if you can improve or learn from other experience, don’t step back. Look for such people as they are resources of information.


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