3 of Swords Reversed

3 of Swords Reversed

An illustrated card with a great and a difficult message

The 3 of swords reversed is a card that denotes a heart which is usually found suspended in the air and the same sword is found to be pierced with three swords. The heart represents loads of emotions and beauty while the act of piercing represents the piercing sounds denoting the reflection of logic and power along with it which is mostly used to harm the physical body along with the probable emotions existing within a person. The sky is generally clouded heavily while the rain continues to pour down violently. This represents a grim moment in time.

Uphold the card in terms of its meaning:-

The representation of rejection, loneliness, betrayal, heartbreak and sadness is depicted by the card named as 3 of swords reversed. Separation and grief are also denoted along with this card. These events usually depict a painful circumstance and this is due to the cause of the unexpected scenario. The three of swords is a card that serves in the form of a warning sign which prepares the humans to get accustomed to the situation. The main motive of this card is to minimize the emotional blow of an individual or to prevent the circumstance entirely. The pain, grief and sorrow are necessary for the journey of life. They are significant in our lives as challenges help people to learn a lot of lessons which would certainly teach them to make an efficient move in their life across the deals ahead. Such lessons also help people to get the motivation which will allow them to pass all the obstacles in the upcoming life. It also allows people to learn from their existing mistakes and grant the lessons to ensure that the mistakes are no way repeated in the spans yet to come.


Pain and grief are quite essential in our lives. Withoutthese certain emotions, it would be really hard on our part to lead a meaningful life. Accepting the matter and then dealing with the issues in a bold way is a real identity of humans. Learn from the mistakes and focus on overcoming them.


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