4 of Swords

4 of Swords

 4 of Swords

Four of Swords to make foundation of life

The four of Swords cards pushes you to draw attention from all your worries and live in solitude. It is based on time-based position.

Past – It shows the past time when you were too much focused on the single issue and too much obsessed with it. It might have left you alone and stops interacting with lots of people in public life. Something might have traumatic shock and change your personality altogether. You were taking the time to come back from that setback.

Present – In this situation, you may do not want to socialize much and interact with the people. It is a situation where you want some space in your life to get accustomed to the conditions. It is a good way to take some time off from your regular life. If you are in some group and want to stay alone, then it would be an excellent choice.

Future – The four of swords in the future condition shows that you are thinking too much about future. It is the very fumbling type of situation in which you feel like a limbo. Sometimes you may want to change your plans. You can take the suggestion of your close friends, but you need to think wisely. At last, you would be affected by that condition also.

Issues of Life Work/ Education – The Four of Swords can guide in your studies and work as well. Always take decisions in solo do not let others put their thought on you.


A four of Swords card shows the foundation of life and keeps you in reality. It shows you the way to prioritize your life and settle it fast. Sometimes you are not in a set of mind to take the step so grab your time and them decide in a relax mode.


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