5 of Swords Reversed

5 of Swords Reversed

Meaningful description of the 5 of swords reversed

The five of swords depicts a young man who is found to own a look of contempt on his face. If further analysed, it would be found that the person stares at his conquered enemies with a lot of desperation. The man possesses five swords and most of the swords have been conquered by him from the other people in the card. The other figures seem to walk away from him in a slow manner and it is depicted with a sense of loss and sadness. The sky appears to be quite tumultuous and cloudy, thereby indicating that all are not well despite in the process of battle that is being over apparently.

Reading of the card in terms of psychology:-

It is regarded as a card of conflict that mentions tension.disagreement and a lot of negativities in itself. The card denoting the 5 of swords reversed indicates that you are in great desire to get through the period of fighting to be over. This is essential on your part to counterfeit the spirit of forgetting and forgiving. This, in turn, helps people to focus their energies and therefore you may opt for getting more focussed on the process of doing your constructive activities. You can also go for fetching restoration for your relationship in order to trace it back to normal once again. There are times when you ultimately realize that you are already done with loads of conflicts and therefore you come to know that losers are the only people who have been existing in the battle. It is essential on your part to focus on moving on rather than upholding the older versions that stay behind you. The 5 of swords reversed also come up with the suggestion that indicates that you are presently more open to the existing changes.


Changes are obvious and it is upto you how well you attempt to manage these alerations. Learn to embrace things gladly just like the way they are. It is up to you how warmly you welcome these issues. Customize yourself to your surrounding since this is vital in today’s world. You need to learn things efficiently.

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