5 of Swords

5 of Swords

 5 of Swords

Five of Swords shows the struggling phase of life

The five of swords sees you in a different situation, and you will not disagree with others. It is a face of tensions and resentment. You may feel that you have won but from inside you will feel like a looser. It happens because you have hurt a lot to others. It is the situation when you feel like everyone is against you and people are not supporting you.  At this time you have to think and decide about your view and your priorities of life.

The five of swords can also show the condition of conquest. If you have the zeal to get something in life, then you will get your desired goal of your life. Sometimes you have to compromise family, personal interest and much more. In this phase, you have to struggle a lot with all the hurdles of life and move ahead to get your target to become successful in life. The things will not go as you want and many chances would be there of conflicts with others.

The five swords of cards show the life of ambition, but it shows negative aspect of life. One should keep in mind too much expectation, and high level of goals leads to loss of everyone in life. You will get in a position of dejected losers in all the sphere of life. If you focus on winning goals, then you find departure yourself from the society. It brings proud and arrogance in your personality which brings difficulty in life and loss of respect in the community.


The main advice of the Five of Swords to you is to carry your battles on your own. You may be in fighting mode and make sure to get you way done in the society. It will give great satisfaction in the life to get the desired success.


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