6 of Swords

6 of Swords

Six of Swords

Take a step ahead in life with Six of Swords

In this card, there is an image of a woman and young child who are sitting across the water. The figures depict the feeling mourn and sadness. If you look at the back, then you would be able to see the sailing of difficult times. The far distance of land shows the new chance is still ahead.

The Meaning of the Card Six of Swords

Sometimes you have to leg go difficult times and move forward in life. It will be not easy for someone to get away in life. We do not get the things the way we think in our lives. It is a card which indicates to leave the past behind and move ahead in life. It shows the new land of possibilities with the new emerging source of a horizon.

Six of Swords is a card which indicates the path of transition. We cannot forget the past incidents of our lives, but our mind starts focusing on future goals. Every day brings new possibilities of life and history will be gone behind. The process of healing can be only done by the arrival of the new time and better future in life.

Sometimes we have to keep our head above water and move forward in life. Everyone faces difficult conditions in life, but one should remember it is a temporary period which is going to end.  A new chapter will start, and the options to growing will be coming in to offer you new success in life.


The simple meaning of six of swords is to move on in life. In case you are dealing with the problems in life then leave them and move further. Sometimes leaving frustration and anger can open new avenues of life to make you settled in life in a better way.


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