7 of Swords Reversed

7 of Swords Reversed

Description of the overview of the seven of swords

The seven of swords usually resemble a man sneaking away from a military camp with a bundle of five swords that exist in his arms while two other swords are seen to be planted in the ground just behind the man. The expression of the man exhibits a sense of overconfidence that has been existing within him and he seems to mock at the circumstances that surrounded him. He also looked in an apparent sense of confidence where his success is sure to get away with the theft. In a distance ahead of that, it is found that a small group of soldiers were existing along the left side of the thief and one of them was holding a sword upraised along with himself, wherein, the thief could be found out. The 7 of swords reversed is a card that represents the mental challenges that are certain across the paths of a human life.

Rites of passage as denoted by the card:-

The reversal of the card, as depicted by the 7 of swords reversed inculcates the values through which it becomes often difficult for a person to take a step towards the new direction. At times, such a scenario may appear impossible to you, yet there are circumstantially nothing as such and somewhere in your soul, you will learn to realise that the timing is right and it is quite usual on your part to counterpart the situation and help yourself to overcome the sensation of a pain that has been lying somewhere deep inside your heart. The notion in the card also denotes that you need to break free from your old habits and alter your thinking skills in order to overcome all the blockages that are coming along your way.

Summary:- Challenges may cross our path at any time. It is important on our part to encounter these challenges without any fear. You need to learn dealing with all the issues in a confident manner and never allow yourself to feel down at any cost. Learn to embrace the pain and move ahead.


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