7 of Swords

7 of Swords

Seven of Swords

Save yourself with Seven of Swords

The Seven of Swords is the card which shows the issues of breaking issues; break the rules of the group and doing things in your way. This card illustrates the path of saving yourself which can give you the real hope in life. It is a card of haste which guides you to move fast and take the fast decision in life.

The cloudless of a golden sky in which card depicts and a man taking toe tip in some tents of a desert. In this card, man has five swords in his hand which he has stolen from the shelter. He is trying to get away from the tent as soon as possible. The thief is very stylish and depicts a Fez style with long boots and hat of red color. The central fact of this complete example is to show that even the thief is full of hands, but he has not taken all the swords.

The thief does not depict the negative character in this card. Everybody does some work secretly which is needed at some point in time. In love related matters sometimes people try to pry each other’s life, people in office spy other to secure their jobs. So it happens in everybody’s life. It is the card which inspires you to look inward and examine yourself to improve your behavior. If you keep trying to do it, then you would be growing day by day.


The Seven of Swords shows you the path of independence although you are at rest suffering from pain. Women who are cheaters with their lovers can see this card as a lesson. They will be loyal to their partners in future for all the life and live happy life always with their families.

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