8 of Cups

8 of Cups

The eight of cups tarot card in the past, present & future positions

The eight of cups signifies that it is just the time to leave all your worries sadness behind when a relationship is not going well or getting abusive or also in the case when a friend is showing disrespect or even when a parent cannot give you the independence to make your own decisions. In all those kind of situations, the eight of cups indicates that it is now the time to move on in your life.

In the past, present & future positions

The eight of cups indicates a good quality content & fulfillment of all your wishes with good health. A sense of well-being, success, satisfaction, achievement, abundance & sensual pleasures is also some of the quality features of nine of cups.

Past position

When you see this tarot card in your reading, then the eight of cups is in the past position might have a sad tale to tell you from your childhood. The energy of this card lies in a position to your escaping & by abandoning that situation, things could be smooth. If this is the case with you in your life in the current scenario, then looking back to what had happened in your childhood may cause you to adopt any kind of avoidance as a method to cope up with the situation.

Present position

The 8 of cups is most powerful in the present position. This card can reveal in front of you the fundamental hopelessness of any relationship of the current scenario, a job or any other stressful situation. You will not be surprised whenever a bad news appears in front of you because you will already be moved on with that situation. The strength of eight of cups lies in the situation where a person can go ahead in his life with great motivation. This will insist you look around at all those closest to you. Generally, this is a card of total empathy with the state of obliviousness.

Future position

If taking about the future reference then this eight of cups card will signify that a path you have chosen for yourself will become worn & drained without any kind of energy. Whenever this card shows up in your reading, then it is unfortunately assumed that a kind of bad news is waiting for you. You don’t have to take fear about this as it is the kind of positive energy that is letting you know in advance that in future something is not going to be well so you can identify all your weakness in a great way.


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