8 of Swords Reversed

8 of Swords Reversed

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The card, eight of the swords shows a woman who is tied up in a blindfolded manner and she is surrounded by swords which act somewhat like a kind of enclosure or a prison. It also mentions that there is no possibility to escape from such a circumstance. She also continues to appear in an isolated place where she is found to stand alone in the midst of the barrel and watery wasteland that lived far away from the town in some distant land. The sky seems to be grey and cloudy that in turn resembles the availability of a clear indication of despair along with a situation that has been lacking hope in some way or the other. The woman’s feet are found not to touch the water and thus, it indicates the feeling of restriction. The eight of swords is basically meant for the purpose of resembling an intellectual assessment of the circumstance, yet the situation has got a lot more to reveal in the sense of intellectuality rather than that of the emotional ones. The blindfold prevents the woman to watch out something ahead of her situation.

An indication of the reversed eight of swords card:-

The 8 of swords reversed indicates that the person has come through a really difficult time, thereby, being more dedicated towards change and self-acceptance. It is also important to realise that the individual must be able to reflect on what has been done and what has not been done. It is also important to analyse the stuff that could not work in the past and therefore each of the events in your past are responsible for locating the alteration in your perspective and sense of approach. The acknowledgment of the refusal to play the role of being a victim is revealed by the 8 of swords reversed.


One can never continue sitting back with the old days and the past. Life needs to carry on and you ought to move along with the flow. Live the stuff as they are and be intellectual in opting out for the deals. Watch the future as it may be more promising.


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