8 of Swords

8 of Swords

8 of Swords

No feeling of responsibility with eight cards of swords

It is a card which denotes the condition when you find yourself from no escape, and you become lonely. It is a condition when you do not want to take responsibility for any bad situation. Eight cards of words make you feel the victim and responsible for anything.

In this card, a woman is in the condition of flowing robe and standing. She is not tied to anything and anyone. There is a hill behind her off in the distance at her feet of murky puddles.  The eight swords are behind her which is buried in the ground.

In the eight cards of swords, you have been fascinated by the bad relationship. It may be your childhood memories and a recent breakup. This card gives you the effect of minimum low self-esteem which could point out some unsolved issues. All these matters may be from childhood or the response to the current situation.  In this case, eight cards of swords become weak which never serve the reading foundation.  The last effect of a card would be very low self-esteem. It can create low self-esteem with a self-destructive mode of your present situation. It can give you the deep feeling at the later stage of life.

Combination of card

The eight card of a sword will lead you to the position of self-doubt and apathy which can give your break free bondage. The severe condition is created when this card is linked to other cards, and it is emotional trauma as well.


The Eight cards of swords show the feeling of frustration, stuck in some condition and some obstacles which are impossible to be solved in life.  You may feel trapped with old conditions, but you are away from it and feeling the new level of freedom.


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