9 of Swords Reversed

9 of Swords Reversed

Release your feel of hopelessness

The image of a woman is shown in the card that resembles the nine of the swords. The woman seems to sit in such a position that resembles her head being kept in her hands. She is also found to be sitting up in her bed. It seems as if she has somehow managed to wake up from a nightmare all of a sudden and is thus fearful and upset while she is making efforts to follow her dream in an anxious manner. Nine swords are found to be hanging on the wall and the set is situated behind her which also mentions that the base of the bed is amazingly decorated with the carving of a duel in which one person is found to be defeated by the other one. The quilt that was covering the woman for so long is found to be decorated with the roses along with the availability of the outlines that are being found by virtue of the outlines mentioned in the form of various astrological symbols.

Despair and worries make the anxiety:-

The 9 of swords reversed is all about the stories that have been formed out of stress, worry, and loads of anxiety. These vices prevent a person from sleeping and thus he or she fails to own the potential that compels them to run about one hundred miles in an hour. The card showing up the mysteries about 9 of swords reversed indicates that the person tends to overwork himself or herself and as a result, the circumstance has been leading towards a more incredible and anxious issue. Therefore you need to pause yourself at a certain point of time and start examining the reality of your situation by reducing the impacts of fears within you.


In today’s busy life, people have hardly any time to sit idle and analyse upon their actions. They are too busy in finding out their worldly pleasures that they have no time to ponder about what they have been doing so far. In order to lead a purposeful life, you ought to examine your situations properly.


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