9 of Swords

9 of Swords

Nine of Swords

Win your Struggles with Nine of Swords

The nine of swords the picture of the woman with her head in her hands who sitting on her bed. It is showing the woman has seen a serious nightmare and she is very upset about her dream. Nine of swords hang behind her on the wall, and a base portion of bed has a great carving. Two men are fighting with each other and trying to defeat with each other. A woman is covered with a quilt which is designed with roses, and they have some signs of astrology as well.

Meaning of nine of swords cards

It is a card of fear and bad dreams which show the negative feeling of life. It is a feeling which is of psychological nature and does not demonstrate the suffering of external reality. The fear is the creation of your mind it is not the actual outside condition.  The experience of outside world has a greater impact on your expectations, desires and your fears. It creates a significant impact on your outside environment.

The nine of swords card can also show the fear of your future or what is going to take place in future. If a person is fearful about situation coming in future, then he will create negative reality from his imaginary expectations.

Everyone faces trouble in life, but one should not be overloaded with all these things in their lives. Sometimes people have to move away from all worries and focus on goals with great enthusiasm and hope.


Nine of swords show the condition of trauma and sad feelings. But one should overcome these troubles and move ahead in life. They should always chase the goals.  It is the right way to get ahead in life and have a successful career ahead. It makes you more hard and vigorous person in life.


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