Are Astrology Predictions True?

Are Astrology Predictions True?

Astrology has been part of Indian culture and traditions from time immemorial. A lot of people depend on astrology for predictions of their future. Astrology is basically a relation between movements and positions of celestial bodies, physical processes on earth and life of a human being. An astrologer can work with different types of bodies present in a solar system. While western astrologers like working with the planets, the Moon and the Sun, several others work with constellations and stars.

Astrology is a diverse field and is not synonymous to other ways of fortune telling like psychic readings, tarot card reading, palmistry etc. Moreover, there is much more to explore than the sun-sign columns published in the newspapers in astrology. People refer to astrological future interpretations for everything from financial planning, matrimonial to even medical advice.

The Accuracy of Astrology- Is It Really True?

Astrology is a wide field of study that has been bought into recognition with the use of spiritual research methodologies. These methodologies help provide a spiritual perspective to the accuracy of Astrology. As per the science of spirituality, a person’s destiny is predetermined and decided even before the birth. This includes several pre-destined events such as about major life accomplishments, success, diseases and marriage. This is an entirely spiritual issue that cannot be comprehended by science or five sense organs, the intellect and the mind.

Astrology can be found useful in determining the cause of some problems in life. It tries to understand the destiny of a person based on very limited data such as latitude and longitude of the place of birth and time of birth. A completely accurate prediction on the basis of a horoscope is not possible to a large extent. Astrologers can only make some guesses that stand a chance to come true.

The major reason behind questions being put upon the accuracy of Astrology is various research reports and lack of proof to back its accuracy. The traditional concept of Astrology stating that the sun, stars and all other planets revolve round the earth has been proved incorrect by researchers. Now, people are aware that all the planets and the sun have their independent orbits in the galaxy that they belong to. However, Astrology goes by the belief that earth is the centre and other bodies revolve around it.

The existence of Astrology is not dependent upon any branch of science or with astronomy. The emphasis of Astrology that planets lose or gain strength while moving also does not have any evident proof up till now. The Astrological assumption that planets have mutual a relationship of friendship or enmity is purely imaginary. It does not have the support of a logical or scientific base.

With little evidence backing the accuracy of astrology, it is tough to comment on the correctness of astrology predictions. However, huge follower base of astrology makes this question baseless at times. As per logic, it is hard to believe that people would trust something totally baseless for ages together with immense conviction.

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Astrology basically consists of many different belief systems which can tell you the relationship between astronomical phenomenon and human being.

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