King of Cups

King of Cups

The meaning of upright king of cups tarot card

The king of cups is an indication of creating a perfect balance between your emotions & power. One of the most beautiful aspects of this card is the representation of compassion & human spirit. This encourages you to consider dealing your feelings or emotions in a best possible scenario. The best part is to explore your emotions with an open mind & open heart.


It usually speaks about the balanced approach that a male & feminine energy wants in their life. This card holds all the requisite energy to make a strong bond between feminine & masculine body. Apart from that, the king of cups represents the literal man in your life who is very kind & loving. When he appears in your life, you will be totally supported by this universe whether the act was seen or unseen. In case you are challenged personally then it is the suggestion of the king of cups to remain composed & calm and maintain your emotional level so that you can deal with the problem correctly & without attracting any kind of negative energy. Making smart decisions and letting the negativity to go away from you is the supreme object of the king of cups.

The upright king of cups

Cups are the displays of emotion, expression, feelings & the overall role of emotions in relation to others. They usually display the thinking of individuals in relation to heart rather than to your head. In the same way to this, a kind of cups represents the emotions, unconsciousness, creativity and art. At the same time, the king of cups shows much more restraint in terms of the emotional state. Being a master of his own feelings and a controller of his emotions, he may have the ability to represses the feelings or sentiments associated with it.
On the contrary, he may represent the perfect balance between both of his emotions & intellects. He is the true master of kindness & compassion, and this card often indicates the superiority in relationship & understanding. As such, the King of cups indicates that you feel emotionally balanced and in controlled. Just in the same way, this can show you the generosity, love, calmness, graciousness & carry for others. This card is very diplomatic & politically correct. With his real talent of being able to make a perfect balance between the needs of people, he can keep everyone in a team with harmony.

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