King of Swords Reversed

King of Swords Reversed

Manipulative and tyrannical versions of the thoughts you deliver

The king of the swords is found sitting upon his throne and he is found to command you. He also holds a large upward pointing throne that owns a double-edged sword in his right hand. He keeps his left hand resting in an exclusively simple manner on his lap. He has got a ring on his left Saturn finger that is good at symbolising power and it is dedicated to taking all the responsibilities in a serious manner. The king is also found to be wearing a blue tunic which in turn symbolises a desire for spiritual understanding. He also adorns a purple cape that represents a lot of compassion in combination to his intellect.

The back of the throne is decorated with butterflies or transformation along with an angel and crescent moons that are located near to his left ear. The things are positioned in such a manner that they are capable of offering him subtle guidance in his actions. The sky above is apparently clear with a few clouds, thereby representing the general gratitude to his mental clarity. The trees at the background in the image appear motionless and they are also good at representing the reflection of the stern judgment of the King.

Misuse of one’s mental power and authority:-

The king of swords reversed suggests the authority and drive of one’s mental potential. It also represents manipulation blend with the persuasion that are good in fulfilling a person’s selfish needs. The king of swords reversed represents that the King is experienced and smart enough to make the moves in a diligent manner. He also appears to be very cutting in his words and seems to be quite critical of others in his stern manner. Such kind of individuals has their personal interests evoking at their mind constantly.


In order to lead a superior life, you ought to be smart enough in dealing things in the most efficient manner. Be bold and make moves that should be clear and confident. Do not hesitate in dealing out the things; be the ladder of the battlefield.

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