King of Swords

King of Swords

King of Swords

Have strong male influence with King of Swords

The King of Swords is a final card which is called suites of cards of words. It has much meaning for the complete suite and should be taken seriously when presented before the person. It shows the high male influence in your life with great authority and power. The simple meaning of it is decision making and assertion.

King of Swords on the basis of Time

Past – You may be the very mature person in your life and take more responsibility than an average everyday man. Life keeps changing day by day, but the lesson learned from life can give harness of authority to dedicate you to work.

Present – At the current situation shows the father of figure who can take everything very seriously. You should know the art of following them even of you don’t feel like follow them. They can become the best advisor of you whether they have followed the advice in their personal life too. You have to search for a person who has greater experience and very keen to help you out in every condition. It should be for your sake not in their interest to help you out in your personal life.

Future – The King of Swords gives you the symbol of following the current path. It will guide you to live happy and satisfactory life. It is not a penny full life but a peace full life. You should have the determination to reach your goal to have a wonderful life.


King of Swords has significant influence of male or your father.  They advice offered by them would be very helpful in your life, and it will make you a lucky man in your life. It will lead to significant achievement in your life and gives you the great potential to work more.

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