Knight of Cups Reversed

Knight of Cups Reversed

If you are getting this knight of cups reversed then this is the good card in reading. This card is the positive card and defines the upcoming optimistic. You just need to prioritize as it might drag you in different directions.


The reversed in Knight of cups indicate the resentment at the workplace. If you are feeling this way, give it some thought, and see if you can “unpack it.” You may simply need a vacation: a long weekend could be a great start.


It is a positive card and it means that you might find someone and you may fall in love in near future. If you are in a relationship then must be overwhelmed by the demands of relationship. The feelings should be explored, shared and expressed to each other.


Working and worries about money, if this card appears in reverse then you need to distract yourself from current situations that give you unnecessary worries. You will likely to have everything you want in near future so let this pass and give a break.



Don’t panic before you have facts in front of you, negative thinking can ruin your health a lot more than you think. Think positive about health and health procedures. If you need, read about healing.


Don’t let the lack of time hinders the spiritual knowledge. This card indicates a busy life and you need to work upon few measures like meditation to get more benefits You can also read and listen to spiritual books and audios to enhance knowledge and get a better understanding.


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