Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups

Knight of cups in personal & professional life

The knight of is associated with the lord of waves & water, and it is the source of bringing a type of emotional message.

Description and meaning:

In this card, you can see that a man is riding a white horse and this thing can remind you about a knight of a fairytale who has a shining armor in his hands. He also has a helmet in his head with blue wings attached to it, which represents a Hermes or a messenger. The horse looks beautiful & elegant, and knight loves the softness & beauty behind it. Just behind the horseman the pyramid shaped mountains represents the beauty and elegance of the overall picture. Te horseman is adaptable to any kind of romantic situation. He has a quality that he never loves the same way again but distributes equal love & passion to his lovers.

Knight of cups as a person

Let’s talk about some of the most prominent qualities associated with the knight of cups as a person.

  • The knight of cups likes to be groomed & typically carrying an attractive personality. The person can have some refined or qualitative features.
  • According to the knight of cups, life can be full of emotional drama for them, and a person can go from one relationship to another and so on. Even they have the ability to carry the entire relationships inside their own head. They are people with the soft spoken & dreamy nature and sometimes flirty ones.
  • For a person in a knight of cups appearance, while reading, they will never admit the presence of unrequited love.
  • They can prefer to go with the person that got away rather than with someone of real potential available in front of them.
  • They love the feeling of being in love. They have very much importance for love and ideally the best when it comes reaching the extreme level of
  • But at the same time, you can’t find a knight of cups get settled for someone in their lifestyle. They have the ability to wait for their ideal love if the condition demands.

Knight of Cups Professional life:

When talking about the knight of cups appearance in reading for the professional life then a person can be a veterinarian, poet, artist, writer, counsellor, psychologist or in any other public relations.

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