Knight of Swords Reversed

Knight of Swords Reversed

Disregard for consequences through the knight of swords

The knight of swords is a card that is good at representing a young man in his armor and he is found to ride a powerful white horse that is situated somehow at the middle of the battlefield at some distance. The white colour of the horse is a symbol of purity that in turn represents the intellectual essence of energy, thereby enhancing the motivation of the rider. The sky located behind the rider is filled with storm clouds along with trees that are being tossed wildly by the wind. The harness of the horse is good enough and it is being decorated with the images of birds and butterflies. The cape of the knight is also decorated with a few birds. The knight is seen to charge forward with a great deal of momentum and it is apparent that he is not charged to any dangers that he may encounter.

Psychic readings of the reversed knight:-

The reversed knight is found to be incredibly patient, bursting with energy and impulsive as well. The person seems to acquire loads of energy but he owns so little direction which often results in making several rash decisions. The knight of swords reversed also insists in pulling down others along with them. These people usually tend to leave their thoughts in a scattered manner all throughout the space.

The main symbol represented by the knight of swords reversed is dedicated to the people who are much disorganized in their tasks and own an unpredictable and a flippant kind of emotion. Encountering these kinds of person insists you be very wary and you need to make sure that you are not getting in any sort of hype or energy that has been surrounding them. Do not get sucked anyway!


Patience is important for every individual. Do not get overloaded with excitement. Hold on to find out all that happens. At times, you need to leave certain things in their own way and sit back to see all that take place. Resist yourself from getting flown away in several situations.


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