Page of Cups

Page of Cups

The page of cups general meaning & message for you

By appearing in front of you while reading, a page of cups can significantly show you the hidden talents of yours that are now being discovered. The study & reflection are now been indicated as beneficial at that point of time, and also it will tell you to be focused on news & business. With this outcome, you will probably go to hear some positive news it can by anything like a marriage proposal, expansion of business or any other significant news. This kind of news can come from the person with the properties like gentle, courageous, artistic at the right time and right place.

The astrological sign:


Meaning in general:

A page of cups can also warn you against the dangers in ahead of you like accepting proposals too hastily or eagerly. You have to decide whether you are ready for the significant changes in your life. Also, the page of cups can tell you a new birth, new opportunities, new idea or new venture is waiting for you. However, you can get ready for lots of excitement, anticipations & actions with the inner feelings waiting for you, so it is wise for you to follow your instincts & intuitions so that you can make right decisions at the right time.

The message:

  • Brings lots of opportunities for you in terms of love, engagement, birth, marriage,
  • Being a symbol of imagination, this can tell you to focus on quiet reflections & inner peace of yours.
  • It is always associated with messages, news and information regarding a person who is kind, generous, dreamer, easily gets hurt and sensitive enough to feels other’s pain.
  • A page of cups indicates the imaginative & studious personality of a person who has a great deal of charm & modesty. With a gentle, quiet & calm personality, this person is always ready to help other persons in need. This person is genuine & caring with lots of energy inside him.
  • Along with this thing, he is co-operative, helpful, sensitive and creative with the ability to control his energy & execute it for a positive work.
  • A page of cups can encourage you to bring lots of love & carrying into your life.
  • This is a study card and has the knowledge inside him with the perfect meditation in inner soul.


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