Page of Swords Reversed

Page of Swords Reversed

The genre of undelivered promises

The page of swords usually composes the image of a young man who is found to stand in the midst of some sort of rough terrain. The man has got a sword held in both his hands. The sky is also filled with several turbulent clouds along with a wide variety of trees that are situated in the background. These trees are usually set in the background and are obviously getting windblown and they are absolutely of the young man’s appearance with his hairs. The water that lies behind the page appears to be rough and a kind of tumultuous energy is associated with the feeling of this card.

Suggestions for the page of swords reversed:-

The Page of swords reversed usually suggests the hasty action that you are performing. It also represents your actions much before thoughts conquer your mind in a proper manner. It also indicates that you have got loads of energy existing within you and you have a desire to let the things move on at their own pace, however, the way you have been fetching the things fail to indicate the efficient use of the energy. It also recommends that one should tackle things one at a time rather than do away all the things together which may mess up the stuff.

In order to extract a more meaningful outcome of your deeds, focus on your desires and start working on them. Page of swords reversed also means all talk and no action which represents that one should think before acting and make any sort of fake promises. It is futile to regret if you are keeping any sort of promises that you know you would not be able to keep until the end. Maintain your integrity by making commitments which you can deliver.


Do not rely on any kind of fake promises. You are well aware of the fact regarding your abilities and therefore, set your own goal and start focusing on it. Work hard on what you want to fetch. Do not depend on others, rather believe in yourself and work for it.


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