Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups

Message was given by the queen of cups

The queen of cups can show you the actual person related to your life either male or female who can embody the traits of her & lives with the personal truths & values of her. It can clear you out the negative aspects, responses, emotions as well as passivity of a woman. Along with this thing a queen of cups is creative, in-tune & intuitive in nature. She represents the love for the peace, diplomatic ways of finding the solutions related to your problems. Keeping this thing in mind, the queen of cups is warm, loving and honest that can show you the deep love for her parents, friends and humanity.

Message queen of cups, have for you

  • It represents the qualities of the suit of cups, which can show some empathic skills, depth of compassion & understanding the unconditional love for others. Along with this thing, this card is an affectionate & romantic being that has the positive outlook for the life.
  • This also depicts a special woman who is naturally spiritual, magnetic & psychic. She is powerful enough to be independent & headstrong. She is someone who has many deep yet complex qualities. The queen of cups is a passionate, proud & intense character with the strong will.
  • She may be an attractive woman with the qualities by at the same time her personality can be pretty hard to fathom as she depicts the kind & intuitive nature to others. Both of her psychic & artistic abilities are highly developed.
  • This often depicted as the fair-haired lady, most of the time appeared in blue/ light colouredShe can be a good wife & mother because of her sensitive & intuitive nature to other’s needs.
  • She is a mature woman who basically relies on her own intuitive abilities in her life.  She always sees the positives in things & a great future-planner.
  • The Queen of Cups is depicted as a lady who sits above her emotions and watches life in a detached way. The Queen of Cups may at first appear difficult to approach, but once you gain her trust, she becomes someone who makes a loyal friend, confidante and ally.
  • The queen of cups is often related with the number 38 or 11. This can tell the ability to balance both lower energies & higher consciousness and this kind of energy can be supportive in nature.

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