Queen of Swords Reversed

Queen of Swords Reversed

Overly emotional and cold hearted individuals are the rulers of the card

The queen of swords is found to be sitting high on her throne and she owns a stern look on her face. Such a look in her appearance is a clear indication for people to know that no one can fool her in any way. In the right hand, the queen is seen to hold a sword in a comfortable manner and the sword is pointed towards the sky. The queen has got her left hand extended in such a way that it depicts that she has something to offer to the others.

The spring sky that lies behind her is somewhat different from the image of the winter settings as found in most of the other cards. This is probably due to the reason that the card upholds the image of emergence and growth quality added to the portrait. The sky is apparently clear which in turn represents the clarity of her mind as she considers the matter of her intellect. There is also a bird situated above her head and it is a symbol of the ability of the human mind that soars above our day to day issues and the brain continues to make efforts in arriving at the appropriate variety of solutions.

Meanings of the reversed queen of swords:-

The queen of swords reversed is a clear indication of the fact that you are currently working in accordance with your mind rather than your heart. This also reveals that you are currently involved in some sort of emotional attachment reveals the distortion your perception of the situation that is currently there at your hand. Read the signals with utmost accuracy and attempt to understand them. The queen of swords reversed recommends you to focus on your goals.


Sometimes, we tend to be confused regarding the fact that states whether to take the suggestion of our mind or the heart. In that case, we need to follow the circumstances with patience and analyze the signals or the indications in a proper manner. Make sure that you are not compromising with your goals.

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