Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords

Queen of Swords

Great female influence in Queen of Swords

The card of Queen of Swords is a card of physical beauty and attraction. It shows you the loss of relationship and requirement of a material type of relationship. In reversed type of position, you will solve the best part of the relationship. It is a card of good instincts and maturity with independence.

The Queen of Swords in Time based position

Past – The queen of swords will show you a person in your life that is on the authority. It can be an influence of any lady teacher or another lady who have significant influence in your life. You can take this person as the role model of your life who can make you successful in your life.

Present – In the current situation it will show the influence of some women in your life. Sometimes you may think about her romantically also which have nothing to do in future. You can take their advice which may not fit exactly you look for but some points can useful. If you don’t have someone like this in your life, then you would get her very soon.

Future – The future can show you what you want to become in life. You will be influenced and approachable in life.

Issues of Life – Queen of Swords cards will remind you to calm down when the things are not going on your way. You may feel like you are not pushing yourself for proper work and give 100 % result. But this card suggests you to keep going time will come in your life.


Queen of Swords have a great significance in your life, and it will give you the great success ahead in life. There is an influence of high energy of female in your life and provides you with the power to fight against all the odds of life and set the new goal for yourself.


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