A Quick Guide to Reading of Important Lines in Palmistry

A Quick Guide to Reading of Important Lines in Palmistry

Palmistry helps to reveal the characteristics, traits, and personality of an individual through palm reading. The lines present on the palm of a person also tell about his relationships, goals, etc. Three lines on the palm of a person that are most important are heart line, life and the headline, which is also known as the wisdom line. The mounts on the palm also known as the bumps in hand, make the reading are vital in palm reading.

What Do the Three Important Lines on Your Hand Tell Through Palm Reading?

The three important lines on your hand reveal the following:

  1. Head/Wisdom Line: Explains about the intellectual development of a person. It also explains about the psychological and mental makeup of a person.
  2. Heart Line: It explains about the relationship of the person with others and about the emotional state of a person.
  3. Life Line: Starting from the index finger and going downwards towards the wrist of the person, this line tells about the life of a person, its struggles, and health.

Understanding of the Important Lines of the Palm

Let us help you explain in detail about the three important lines on the palm.

 Life Line in Palmistry

There are different types of life line, depending upon various variations such as bold or faint, dark, crooked or tight lines, all of which have different meanings.

  • Deep and Long Line: A person who is a well-balanced individual and has good stamina and health. A long and deep line also indicates a person who remains steady and strong even during the tough times.
  • Short Line: A short life line, which ends near the palm, indicates people who are easily controlled by others but have the ability to overcome any kind of physical problem. During tough times, these people engage themselves in other activities.
  • Fainted Line: A person who has low energy in various things in life and is less adventurous. He/she is also required to maintain peace.
  • Broken Line: A person who will undergo a lot of struggles or loss in life, at times unexpected changes. A break can represent an illness or a traumatic experience in life.


Head Line in Palmistry

The headline presents above the life line and runs across the palm horizontally.

  • Long: Indicates good memory and intelligence.
  • Short: A practical person & fast thinker.
  • Very Long: Indicates a successful person and few are selfish also.
  • Straight & Long: A complex individual who is versatile.
  • Straight: An individual who is realistic has good organizational skills and pays attention to detail.
  • Faint: A faint line shows the inability to concentrate.

Heart Line in Palmistry

Located on top of the palm, the heart line shows your love towards your partner.

  • Very Long: A person who is happily satisfied with his or her partner.
  • Long: A person who is considerate of others feelings and has warmth and compassion.
  • Deep: A person who suffers from a stressful life.
  • Short: A self-centred person who requires his freedom.
  • Straight & Short: An individual who is not concerned with romance.

These lines give enough clarity about a person’s traits and characteristics.



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