The Right Direction for Hanging a Wall Clock in the Room as Per Vastu

The Right Direction for Hanging a Wall Clock in the Room as Per Vastu

Vaastu is a well-known science of buildings and architecture that is being practised since years in both India and abroad. It helps in making a friendly setting and conductive atmosphere to work and live. Vaastu makes use of the most scientific way to benefit from elements bestowed by nature, its energy fields and elements. This art allows the humans to procure best of health, wealth, happiness and prosperity.

Some people may refer it as a science of direction as well. Vaastu helps in creating a balance between materials and man. Like other fields of science, Vaastu is also rational, universal, practical and utilitarian. Don’t confuse Vaastu with a religion, as it is a science.

Vastu Shastra’s principles and concepts are considerate of the cosmic influence of the Sun, its heat and light, solar energy, the moo position, directions of the wind etc. The five elements included in Vaastu Shastra are also known as Panchbhootas. They can be listed as water, earth, fire, air and space.

  • Earth: It is the magnetic field of earth
  • Water: It is the gravitational attraction of Earth
  • Fire: Means solar radiation
  • Air: Means Wind energy
  • Space: Means cosmic radiation

Tips for Hanging Wall Clocks According to Vaastu Shastra

A lot of people prefer hanging clocks according to their convenience. They like to hang it on a place clearly visible to them. However, not may such people are aware of the fact that the position and the direction of the wall clock can bring significant difference in the way your life is.

In Vaastu Shastra, the experts have defined some rules and regulations that must be followed while positioning a clock at your work place or house. Here are some dos and don’ts that you must keep in mind:

Don’ts of Clock Hanging As Per Vastu

  • Don’t hang the wall clock on the top of the door. Neitherposition it in the south direction of the building.
  • Don’t place the wall clock to close to your bed in the bedroom because this is a place where you spend maximum time.
  • Don’t hang any non-working or stopped wall clock in your house. Get it repaired as soon as possible.
  • Don’t set the time of your wall clock behind the real time. It can be few minutes ahead of the correct time. This would avoid the possibility of being late.

Dos of Clock Hanging As Per Vastu

  • Hang the wall in the north, east or west direction. This would not only allow you to view the clock conveniently but also help in bringing the positivity in the house.
  • Make sure you position the wall clock in the north direction if you sleep facing towards the south.
  • Make you place calendars and wall clocks inside the house only.
  • Always get the broken parts like the glass of the clock in intact condition. Moreover, try to clean it from time to time like any other belonging.

Lastly, you should always choose nice, beautiful and attractive wall clock designs. This would help in maintaining positivity in the house.

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