Variety of Life Lines in Palmistry – What Do They Say About Your Life?

Variety of Life Lines in Palmistry – What Do They Say About Your Life?

Palmistry is the name given to the art of reading the future of a person based on the lines present on his/her palm. It is a common practice that is carried on since several centuries. Several mythologies and religions consider that the lines on your hand have a deep meaning and convey a lot of information about your future. Several aspects of your life like the longevity, happiness, wealth as well as health can be predicted by using the art of palmistry.

You might negate the science of palmistry on a rational basis but cannot deny the fact that every person has different lines on his/her hands. There has got to be some explanation for these facts, and this is what best palmistry readers aim to figure out.

Meaning of Palmistry Lines

Palm reading focuses on deriving several meanings out of the lines that are present on your hands. There are mainly seven different lines on the hands of a person. It is not necessary for all these lines to be dark enough to be differentiated from each other. The seven different lines that hold importance in the art of online palmistry reading are as follows:

  • Life-line
  • Head-line
  • Heart-line
  • Girdle of Venus
  • Sun-line
  • Mercury-line
  • Fate-line

From the names of the lines, it can be concluded that palmistry is somewhere closely associated with Vedic astrology and planetary positions too.

Palmistry Prediction for Life-Line

The life line on the hands of a person usually extends from between the thumb and index finger to the bottom of the thumb. It usually forms an arc like figure on the hands of the person. Based on how the life-line appears, several predictions can be made by the psychic.

  • Short and Dark Line– If you have a short and dark life-line, the palm reader will usually predict that you would lead a happy life without facing a lot of health problems.
  • Long and Dark Line– A long and deep life line on the hand often suggests that you will lead a longer healthy life without facing health problems. Also, a deep line suggests that you will have lots of energy and stamina throughout the day.
  • The Absence Of A Line– People often tend to worry when they do not find a life-line on their hands considering that they will die soon. However, there is a little truth to that. Instead, a faint or an absent line suggests that you have a low energy level for most of the parts of the day and that you do not have an out-going personality.
  • Fragmented Line– A fragmented life-line suggests that you will face some health problems in your life. Also, it suggests that you might not find your true love for the rest of your life.


The knowledge of palmistry is tough to gain and has been mastered only by a few excellent palm readers around the world. Moreover, the predictions that you often hear from palm readers might not be the same always.

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