What is Choghadiya?

Basically, the entire choghadiya system is the ability to divide your one day into a number of auspicious & inauspicious units. In every corner of our country, it is considered auspicious to start a new thing in your favorable time & the unfavorable system of units or choghadiya are normally to be avoided for doing any kind of important work. Also, in astrology, it is believed to be saying that the unlucky choghadiyas should be rejected strongly for starting any kind of new project or a new journey while going away from your home. This system has very much popularity in the Gujarat state of India.

Simple way to know auspiciousness of a particular day

This choghadiya system of units may change from city to city or place to place (normally depending on the sunrise), so to get the correct result about the choghadiya time you have to be sure about your place of interest. Choghadiya is the time during your day in which auspicious or inauspicious time may occur. This system is very simple yet very popular in states of our country and the simplest one to know the auspiciousness of the particular day.

Types of choghadiya to consider

Normally there are two types of choghadiya system occur in a day one is day choghadiya, and the other one is night choghadiya. The former one-day choghadiya is the time difference between sunrise and sunset, and the later one-night choghdiya is the time difference between sunset and sunrise. There are eight choghadiya occurs in a day out of which 4 are considered as auspicious, and their name is amrit, shubh, labh, chal. Amrit is best, and chal is good choghadiya. There are 8 choghadiyas in a night out of which three are considered to be inauspicious named as the Rog, Kaal, and udveg. So there is a total of 16 choghadiyas in a particular day, eight for the daytime and 8 for the night. This system of units can be different for every day.

Astrology basically consists of many different belief systems which can tell you the relationship between astronomical phenomenon and human being.

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