Astrology is known to predict future as it has a relation between the positions of the celestial objects and the birth of a person. Astrology dates back to the second millennium BCE and it was used to interpret seasonal variations. Many cultures, such as Chinese, Indian and Mayan are often associated with the astronomical events. The western astrology is related to the horoscope systems that foretell the significant events in the lives of a person based on the relative positions of the celestial objects. Throughout history, astrology has been regarded as a scholarly tradition with the constant presence in the academic circles, in close association with alchemy, astronomy, medicine and meteorology.

Vedic astrology makes use of myths from the Hindu Religion, giving the planets God or human-like characteristics. It is believed that after referring to the astrology compatibility chart changes can be brought in a person’s life through gems, prayers, etc. by influencing the ruling deities of the different planets.


Palmistry claims to foretell the future by studying of the palms. This is known as chirology or palm reading. This practice is prevalent throughout the world in various cultures.  Those who practice palmistry or chiromancy are known as hand readers, chirologists, hand analysts and palm readers.


There is a solid connection between astrology and palmistry. Both are known to be pseudoscience and help in predicting the future of a person. In astrology, the positions of the planets and how the positive and the negative energies of a planet affect the life of an individual are taken into account. In palmistry, the positive and negative energies of a planet can be ascertained by studying the lines on the palms of a hand. The close association of Astrology and Palmistry has given rise to a new field of science, known as ‘Astropalmistry’.

A close relation between astrology and palmistry is evident in the ancient astrological book ‘LalKitab.’ This book contains citations linking the lines on the palms of a hand to the planetary positions in a person’s horoscope.

You can divide the palm of your hand into visible planetary sections known as the Moon, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The energies associated with those areas of your palm can be linked to the Vedic astrology chart. Your hand has two parts that are the private and the public hand. With a pen or ruler, if you draw a line from between the middle fingers to your wrist, the part of your palm including your thumb is related to your public life and contains the ‘ascendant.’ The other half of your hand is associated with your private life and contains the ‘descendant’.

The ‘mount’ on the palm of your hand below the forefinger is the section of ‘Jupiter,’ which shows morals, belief-systems, self-confidence, ambition and leadership abilities. Again the area of your palm just below your middle finger is the Saturn section. A heavy concentration of lines here suggests that the person will always earn his living, whereas, lines veering away from this area suggest easy old age life. Similarly, there are Mercury, Venus, Moon Sun and Mars sections on the palm of your hand.

Thus Astrology and Palmistry can be said to be the two sides of the same coin and both help in predicting the future.

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Astrology basically consists of many different belief systems which can tell you the relationship between the astronomical phenomenon and human being.


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