Meaning & interpretation of tarot cups

Don’t think about the tarot cups or don’t try to identify them, you have to simply let them lay your future & energy of the suit float upon you; yes here we are talking about the suit of cups or simply cups. It will not take enough time to saturate you from the sensuality of the suits. The tarot cups can be the most things to describe when it comes to defining their nature as they are both seductive & elusive.

About Tarot Cups

Cups are the displays of emotion, expression, feelings & the overall role of emotions in relation to others. They usually display the thinking of individuals in relation to heart rather than to your head. This can display the spontaneous responses of yours to the habitual reactions. Apart from that, they are linked with creativity, fantasy & imagination. The water element rules the cups as same as air element rules the sword suit.

Positive & negative tarot meanings of cups

Positivity aspects

Some of the brilliant & positive aspects of cups can be openness, spontaneity, imagination power, being in touch with others around you and creativity. These all aspects are related to the emotional level of one’s consciousness. Having a materialistic side & addressing something that one should be addressed can be definitely spiritual & financially beneficial. Cups can tell you to spend some time with your hobbies by being creative enough to start engaging with the real world.

Negative aspects

Apart from that some of the negative aspects of the suit of cups can be disengagement, lacking in emotional connection, highly emotional, brokenhearted, unreasonable expectations or relationship problems. Being a water element, the interpretation work of the cups is also difficult as water is an element of form which can be changed according to the shape of the container. So, in the same case, cups can take on the form observing contents.

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