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Know the Reasons for Your Breakup with the Help of Free Breakup Tarot Readings

Coping with a breakup is not easy at all. With the help of free breakup tarot card readings, dealing with a situation of loss, pain, and grief becomes easier. It helps to find out why a relationship did not work. It offers valuable suggestions on how to heal an aching heart, find solace and move on in life. Find all kinds of suggestions, help, and advice on how to deal with a breakup through Tarot card readings at Enter a world of spirituality and wisdom and learn about what makes and breaks a relationship through psychic readings.

Benefits of Making Use of Free Breakup Tarot Cards:

  • It gives an insight into the state of a relationship of a couple.
  • It draws attention to the weak areas of a relationship and gives suggestions on how to strengthen the bond.
  • It helps to find out the reasons behind a breakup and how to deal with it effectively.
  • It provides suggestions on how to cope with a situation of heartbreak and move towards a brighter future.


Popular Free Breakup Tarot Cards

With the help of Tarot cards, you can foresee whether the relationship with your lover is going to end. Enlisted below are popular tarot cards that you can use to determine whether your relationship with your lover will breakup or not.

  • Ten of Swords: This card represents a dramatic, painful and unexpected ending. It signifies betrayal and heart break that takes months or years to heal.
  • Hermit: Hermit is a lonely figure and it represents withdrawal and isolation. This indicates a status of being single. This is the time to reflect on the spiritual and personal goals. It is not a breakup card but indicates a period of solitude.
  • Tower: It reflects major life changing event or turmoil. This card represents a period unexpected event like divorce that can put an end to a long-term relationship.
  • Three of Swords: This card shows heartbreak, grief and sorrow. It signifies a newly developed relationship is getting over. This is a temporary phase and soon will get over.
  • Three of Cups Reversed: It represents unfaithful partner or a love triangle. It signifies breakup of a relationship. In such relationships, it is necessary to state the boundaries clearly.
  • Five of Swords: This card represents a long period of arguments and disagreements when the partners finally decide to separate.
  • Death: It is a card of transformation and change. It signifies that a relationship is over and it is time to embrace change. In some cases, it means the break-up of a relationship but in many other cases, it could even mean that the change will make the existing relationship better.
  • Two of Cups reversed: In the upright position, this card represents a strong bond and emotional connection between two lovers but in the reversed position it signifies breakup. It signifies mutual separation.
  • Five of Pentacles: It represents loss and failure. It signifies solitude and being ‘shut out’ in a relationship. As consequence, it can lead to a spiritual or financial loss. As a result of the disagreement between the partners, one partner may refuse to provide financial aid to the other.
  • Ten of Pentacles Reversed: In the upright position, this card reflects a well-established relationship like a long-term marriage with family. In the reversed position it signifies a marriage is getting over and the partners have to separate their financial assets as part of the break-up. Such a situation affects the family life appreciably.







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