Free Yin Yang Tarot

Free Yin Yang Tarot Reading Contributes in the Creation of a Harmonious Life

Want a fulfilling and harmonious life? Try the free Yin Yang Tarot reading. It helps to reveal your present situation and the imbalances in your life that contribute to disharmony and discontent. The two cards Yin and Yang help to determine the duality issues in context of each and every question. welcomes you to the world of divine knowledge. Yin Yang tarot spread can help you achieve success in your life.

Yin Yang Spread

Yin Yang Spread offers solution to any problem including two parties, who do not come face to face with the issue. The involved parties disagree with each other but are non-hostile. They just want to resolve the problem they are stuck in. It includes circular symbols that comprises of two shapes, that is one white and one black, defined by the central line. The parties can be organizations, groups, various combinations or teams. Some of the positions of this Yin Yang tarot spread can be any of the following:

  • Pros vs. Cons
  • Materialism vs. Spirituality
  • Feminine vs. Masculine
  • Weakness vs. Strengths
  • Known vs. Unknown
  • Outer aspects vs. Inner aspects
  • Vice vs. Virtue


Benefits of Free Yin Yang Tarot:

  • Free yin yang tarot reading helps you to understand your present situation and the cause of your disharmony.
  • It offers solution to the problems contributing to your disharmony and thereby helps you to lead a happy, fulfilling life.
  • It guides both parties to reach a mutually satisfactory outcome.
  • It examines the duality and tries to ascertain the factors causing imbalance in your life in each and every situation and after determining these factors can effectively eliminate them to help you lead a successful life.


How the Free Yin Yang Tarot Spread Works?

The Yin/Yang spread makes use of two shapes, that is, one is white and the other is black and a straight line defines it. This line represents oneness and at the same time puts forward the argument of conflict, that represents various combinations such as, left and right, above and below, back and front, etc. In any conflict two opposites form a whole together, which in itself is the situation. The Yin Yang spread represents two sides or positions of a conflict that mirror one another. Thus you can name the two sets of cards as “A” and “B” that represents two sides of the conflict and spread them out with a line of cards separating them.

Divide the cards into two groups, A and B with four cards in each. While doing the free Yin Yang Tarot Spread lay the cards from each group alternately. Then decide the parties or person that can be considered as group A and group B. For instance let cards 3, 5, 7 and 9 represent side A and cards 4-6-8-10 be Side B. Card 1 and card 2 represent the heart of the problem or conflict. The cards represent dynamics between set A and set B, which is responsible for the creation of the specific problem. The card 11 offers main cause of the conflict and guides both parties to mutually resolve the differences. Card 12 projects the outcome, if matters continue the way they are.

The various positions of the cards represent the causative factors of the problem; impressions of side A and side B and their possible outcomes; guidance for side A and side B, etc. Therefore, after interpreting the free Yin Yang Tarot Spread, consider guidance it offers to both the parties to reach your goal and obtain mutually satisfactory solution to the problem.


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