Karma Oracle

Karma Oracle


Know About Your Past, Present and Future with the Help of Karma Oracle

If you are keen on knowing about your past life and how it can help you to shape your future, Karma Oracle can help you. Astrochorcha.com is an informative website for everyone interested to know about past life; the laws of karma and what impact such things can have on you and the ways you can deal with negative energy in order to lead a successful enriched life.

What is Karma Oracle?

It comprises of a set of 33 cards that represent ancient Indian Gods that helps to foretell your future based on your present and past actions and how you can do away with negative energy and lead a happy life. The cards are available in four series. The first series comprises of twelve cards that represent principle Hindu and Vedic deities (blue background). The second series comprises of ten cards and represents the mythical animals the gods ride (yellow background). The third series comprises of eight cards and represents the symbols and objects of the Gods (red background). The fourth series comprises of only three cards and represents the karmic doctrines and philosophical pillars like Moksha that signifies release; karma signifies destiny and dharma signifies correct behaviour.

The intent of this deck of card is to find the answers to two “Guided Games,” that is the “Previous Life” game and the “Specific Situation” game. The “Previous Life” game comprises of a spread of five cards that represents the following:

  • Who were you in your past life?
  • Who else accompanied you?
  • What is your “karmic inheritance?”
  • What are you heading towards?
  • What are your present duties?

The “Specific Situation” game is another spread of five cards that represent

  • The specific problem in the situation
  • What are the probable causes of the problem?
  • Help in the situation
  • Obstacles in the situation
  • The verdict in the situation

Benefits of the Karma Oracle:

  • It sheds light on your past acts and on the basis of which you acquired the fruits of your deeds according to the law of karma.
  • It offers suggestions on how to get rid of negative energy and lead a fulfilling, happy life.
  • It advises you on what duties you should perform at present to achieve all your goals in future.
  • It makes a detailed analysis of your past and present situation and helps in shaping a bright future for you.


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