Numerology by Birth Date

Numerology by Birth Date

Numerology is all about dealing with the numbers. The theories of numerology consider the numbers to have an occult property. It relates the numbers that are associated with you to describe some traits for an individual. The numerologists use the name of an individual which has a proper calculation. A certain number is found using such calculations that describe the particular individual. The numerology also uses one’s birth date to calculate the number. Here in this article you would read about the calculations that involve the birth dates.

The Process Of Numerology By Birth Date

Numerology calculations are divided into two categories which use the birth date of an individual to calculate the number associated with the individual. They are ‘life path number’ and ‘day of birth number’. This part of the article would describe about both of them.

Life path number

This category of the numerological calculations is the simplest among all other calculations. Though it is the simplest one it is considered as the most important numerological number. The calculation process includes the adding up of the numbers in one’s birth date. The numbers in your birth date is added together until it reaches a single digit number. For example, if your birth date is 11th of May 1865, your life path number would be 1+1+5+1+8+6+5 = 27. This number is them again added to make it reach a one digit number. That is 2+7 = 9. Therefore, your life path number is 9.
All two or three digit numbers are added together to make it reach a one digit number other than the two numbers, 11 and 22.

Day of birth number

This way is taken as of least significance in the numerology. Their numerological calculation is simply the summation of one’s birth date. For example the if the date is 23rd of a month, the day of birth number is 2+3 = 5.

The significance

The significance of the life path number is considered to be huge in numerology. It is considered as an exterior influence number. It reveals a person’s hidden abilities and skills. It also helps in identifying personality of an individual and shows your path throughout your life.
The day of birth number is associated with one’s characteristics that are acquired by one by birth.

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