Numerology by Name

Numerology by name

Numerology has a number of branches. The main component that it uses for the foreseeing of an individual’s life is the numbers. According to the numerologists, the numbers are believed to possess occult properties. However, the numerology traits relate a number of things that a human possess in their calculations. This either includes your birth date or your name. The alphabets are considered connected to the numbers according to the theories. This article would tell you about the branch of numerology that deals with the alphabets of your name.

The process involved in calculation

The analysis of names in numerology associates the letters of your name with the numeric values that has been assigned to them. It follows the same core process of numerology that arrives at a single digit number. This number is believed to possess the attributes that may help to define your character, your goals in life, the aspect of professions and to some extent your love life as well.

The calculation of numerology of the name is easy. The beginning alphabet A is associated with the number 1, B with the number 2 and so on. This ends with I as 9 and again begins with J as 1. To site an example the name ABDFHK should have a number that is the sum all the numbers associated with the digit. Then you need to reduce the sum into a single digit number by adding the digits in the two or three-digit numbers.

A(1)+B(2)+D(4)+F(6)+H(8)+K(2) = 23

Add up the digits in the number, i.e., 2+3 = 5

Therefore your number is 5.

Some choose to take only the first name or even the full name. Regardless the number you choose you have some characteristics underlying your number.

For example, the number 5 has a typical trait such as you would be quick in all your thoughts, words and actions.

Significance and popularity

Numerology on the basis of one’s name is very efficient according to the numerologists. It describes a lot of hidden characteristics of the person. It is even helpful for one to decide the right path they need to take in their future life. It may be associated with one’s career or that of the future family life.

Astrology basically consists of many different belief systems which can tell you the relationship between astronomical phenomenon and human being.

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