Palmistry can reveal the individual’s personality & character traits with the help of studying the shape, structure, size and lines of both hands & fingers. There are basically two types of divisions come under the palmistry one is chiromancy which deals with the lines on the palms, and another one is chirognomy which deals with the shape of hands and its colors along with the palm texture, the shape of the palm and fingers. Basically, for right-handed persons, the justify-hand lines & its shape indicates the individual’s traits related to character, destiny one is born with and its personality. Along with this thing, the lines present in the right hand indicate the direction individual’s life has already taken. Apart from that person with the dominance of justify-hand side opposite of above applies. This particular thing can be varied according to palm readers training and their country of origin.

The lines present on the hand can have a huge influence on individual’s life and can tell you the secret of your strength, weakness, experiences and your current situation about your life. These are the powerful indicators about the personality and character. The kind of music we usually listen, the style we follow and the favorite food we eat has a huge influence on the personal life of every individual. The only thing you have to do for finding the true meaning of your life is to notice the certain amazing things present around you without any kind of hesitation.

The palmistry has been famous in many different areas of our country and also in specific regions like Asia, Persia and Babylonia. Lines are written into human hands with many different reasons according to many historians. They have the huge influence in the personal and private life of human being and have the ability to show outstanding figures in a meaningful way.

Astrology basically consists of many different belief systems which can tell you the relationship between astronomical phenomenon and human being.

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