Fingernail Shape and Personality

Fingernail Shape and Personality

Find out How You can Relate Fingernail Shape and Personality

Do you know that your finger nails can reveal a lot about your personality? Fingernail shape and personality have a close association with each other. It reflects how well you can deal with a stressful situation. There is a wide variety of nails like long, flared, short, egg-shaped, sword-shaped, broad etc. that reveals different personality invites you to the world of palmistry. It is a science based on the ancient Vedic wisdom that reveals a lot about personality based on the shape of fingers, hands and finger nails.

How Is Your Fingernail Shape and Personality Related?

Fingernails protect the free nerve endings on your finger. It reflects your ability to cope with stress and thereby reveals certain traits of your personality such as analytical, nervous, idealistic, laid-back, confident etc.

What Does Your Fingernail Shape and Personality Reveal?

Nails reflect the ability to cope and deal with stress. Thus the condition of your nails shows the extent to which your nervous system impacts your relationships.

  • Broad Nails:

This shape of nails indicates a tolerant, relaxed and open-minded personality. Broad nails indicate physical vitality and an optimally functioning nervous system. You are optimistic and resourceful in nature and believe in helping others unconditionally. You are optimistic, go to any length to help others and are friendly by nature.

  • Egg-Shaped or Rounded:

This shape reveals that you are a happy-go-lucky laid-back pacifist. You are sociable and popular. You get along with people better than the other personality types.

  • Narrow, Long Nails:

This shape denotes refinement, grace and a strong sense of aesthesis. You believe in idealism and desire for a perfect relationship. You need to be more patient and tolerant in your expectations from others. You will take up a profession that is not strenuous and the one that can give full expression to your aesthetic flair.

  • Flared Nails:

This shape of nails indicates an analytical nature.  You have the zeal to accomplish and share, like the broad-nail type of individuals. Short flared nails with a narrow base denote that you are unable to carry out tasks in a relaxed and calm manner. You get nervous over disagreements. You are susceptible to nervous strain and easily get upset. Due to your high-strung nature, you are prone to impatient outbursts and anxieties and this drains you. You can use your energy in detailed work and research activities. Yu should resist finding flaws in your life partner, as that can hamper your relationship.

  • Square Nails:

This shape reveals that you are perseverant, hard-headed and stubborn.  You have a serious attitude and are inflexible.

  • Short Nails:

Short nails indicate an unpredictable behaviour. Your nature is analytical and has a tendency to attain perfection. You become intolerant of those who cannot live up to the critical standards set by you. You should learn to keep your cool in an argument and view things from a broad perspective.

  • Bitten Nails:

Bitten nails show that you are nervous by nature. In order to release stress, practice taking deep breaths.

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