Fingerprint Reveals a Lot about Your Personality

Do you know the importance of your Fingerprint? It is the impression of the ‘friction ridges’ of the human finger. Fingerprints of humans are unique, detailed, durable and difficult to alter, making them permanent markers for the identification of human beings. It is widely used by police to identify criminals. It even plays a vital role in palmistry. Astrocharcha welcomes you to the world of palmistry, which is based on Vedic wisdom. Find about the benefits and what fingerprints reveals about your personality here. Know why you can accept the fingerprint as a widely used system of identification.

What Does Your Fingerprint Tell About You?

Fingerprint plays a vital role in palmistry. There are various schools of thoughts in palmistry associated to fingerprint. One school of thought makes the analysis of fingerprints to reveal the purpose of one’s life.

Palm readers analyze fingers and fingerprints to determine personality traits. Fingers of your hand that you use for writing indicate your outer-self, whereas fingers of your other hand reveal your inner self. Your thumb represents you; your index finger (Jupiter) indicates your ambition and authority; the middle finger (Saturn) shows your discipline and ethics; the ring-finger (Apollo) reveals your love for creativity and limelight; your little finger (Mercury) tells about your intuition and style of communication.

It is advisable to check your fingerprint under magnifying illuminated glass. You can make use of black block water-based printing ink, hand roller, and A4 paper.

Your thumbprint is essential as it indicates your personality. Your writing hand thumb shows your adult, conscious outward self, whereas, your non-writing hand thumb reflects your subconscious mind. That means it shows your inherited characteristics. Though lines on the palm of your hand change, your fingerprints remain constant.

You can categorize fingerprints into loops, arches or whorls. The loop includes the radial or ulnar loop; whorl includes peacock eye whorl or composite whorl and the arch fingerprint includes tented arch as well.

What Personality Traits Your Fingerprint Reveals?

Arch: It looks like a bridge or wave and is the most common fingerprint. This fingerprint reveals resilient, stoical, repressive, skeptical and nature-loving personality. Such individuals resist change.

Tented Arch: This fingerprint looks like spike or tent pole in the cardiogram. It reveals enthusiastic, inspirational, dynamic and risk-taking attitude. Individuals of such a fingerprint are directionless. They need to follow their passion.

Loop: It includes the radial loop and the ulnar loop. The radial loop is rare and opens at the side of the thumb and the ulnar loop is common and opens on the little finger. The ulnar loop fingerprint reveals a creative, flexible, sociable, cooperative, generous and popular personality. Individuals with such a fingerprint appear to be restless, over-sacrificing and scattered. The radio loop indicates clever, open-minded and altruistic personality traits. Such individuals are empathetic and absorb a lot of stress.

Whorl: It resembles a whirlpool or bulls eye. It signifies an independent, self-made, unique, capable and pioneering personality. Individuals having this fingerprint are secretive. As a result, they keep secrets of others well. They give vent to their emotions through music, writing, and counselling.

Composite Whorl: It resembles the yin/yang symbol. This fingerprint reveals a psychic personality. Such individuals can handle many jobs at one time. They have a complicated nature. They are indecisive and are late bloomers.

Peacock Eye Whorl: It resembles the feather of a peacock. It reveals an independent and self-sufficient personality. Such individuals are generally day dreamers.

Benefits of Using Fingerprint as Mark of Identification

There is a host of advantages of using a fingerprint as a mark of identification. It finds wide application in identifying criminals. This method includes the comparison of the fingerprint of someone against the database of familiar fingerprints.

  • Among the various new systems of identification, forensic science accepts this identification system due to its credibility.
  • One of the key advantages of using fingerprint is that the law of the country accepts it.
  • The popularity of fingerprint as an identification system is due to its reliability and the accuracy with which it provides the results.
  • The fingerprint is not only unique and detailed, it is also durable. As an identification mark, you can use it over the other systems due to its permanent nature.


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