Finger’s Length

Finger’s Length

What Your Finger’s Length Say About You

Did you know your finger’s length can tell about your personality, performance in tests and even your sexual orientation? Find out how the length of your finger can determine your profession and indicate whether you are likely to develop grave diseases like cancer. You can find all this information and much more at The two most important fingers that can provide you with a host of information are the ring finger and the index finger.

What Information Can Your Finger’s Length Provide?

o    It can provide information on how well you can perform in literacy and numeracy tests. In general, girls perform better in reading, writing and verbal tests and boys do better in mathematics and spatial tests.

o    It provides an insight into the inner abilities in the principal cognitive areas.

o    Digit ratio provides interesting facts related to behaviour like technophobia or ‘fear of science’ and how to choose your career.

o    Digit ratio also helps to detect behavioural disorders like dyslexia, autism, passive or aggressive personality traits etc

o    Digit ratio also helps to determine sexual orientation. In heterosexual males, the ring finger is longer than the index finger in homosexual males, it is just the opposite. In heterosexual females, both the ring and the index fingers are of the same length and in homosexual females; the ring finger is longer than the index finger.

o    Your finger’s length can also predict the development of diseases like breast cancer, heart diseases etc.

How Your Finger’s Length Can Provide You with So Much of Information?

The link between the finger length and the numerology and literacy performance is due to an interplay of hormones such as testosterone, androgen, and estrogen. Testosterone promotes development in those areas of the brain associated with mathematical or spatial skills. Whereas, estrogen promote those areas of the brain related to verbal ability. These hormones play a role in the relative lengths of the forefinger and the ring finger. Thus, you can make use of the lengths of these two fingers to calculate the exposure of the testosterone and estrogen in the womb. A higher level of testosterone boosts numerology tests, whereas the elevated level of estrogen boosts reading, writing and literacy tests. Testosterone is responsible for masculine traits and estrogen for feminine traits. Thus, boys, in general, do well in numerology tests and girls do well in verbal, writing and reading tests.


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