Hand Size

Hand Size

What is the Meaning of Hand Size in Palmistry?

Palmistry is a science that involves reading of the Palm for predicting the happenings of one’s life. Different palm sizes have a different meaning in palmistry. There is so much that the size of your palm can reveal.  By looking at the size, you can easily tell the characteristics of the person.

How is the Size of the Hand Categorized?

It is a general belief that tall people have big hands and short people have small hands. The right way to measure the hand size is by taking into account the body proportions instead of the height.

  • To measure palm size, you need to hold the hand straight.
  • Place the palm in front of the face and let its base rest on the chin.
  • The fingers of the hand should be in the raised position.
  • You will notice that a large hand goes above till the middle region of the forehead. In such a case, the traits that are associated with big hands need to be checked.
  • People with small hands would find that their hand reaches below the middle point of the forehead. People with small hand size have different set of traits, which can be found out while reading about small palm sizes.
  • If your hand reaches the middle region of your forehead, it is referred to as an average-sized hand and would give you a mix of qualities of both the small and large hands.

What Does a Small Hand Imply?

  • People who have small hand size like to delegate work to others. They do not like to do the work, but prefer monitoring or managing the work process.
  • Sometimes you will find them managing different people and processes simultaneously.
  • They are more interested in evaluating the progress of work than being the one who actually deals with a single thing in depth.
  • Another thing to note about people with small palms is that they are quick thinkers. They want the things to flow in a fast way. Looking at the complicated details is not want they admire. They are good and quick at making decisions. If you are confused in deciding among different choices, then you can take help from them.
  • Being impulsive and risk takers, they often do things in a hurry without putting attention to all the details. Their quick thinking helps them to easily adapt and adjust to the fast pace of life.

What Does a Big Hand Imply?

The traits of the people with the large hand are opposite to those with small hand size.

  • These people are more interested in going to the depth and intricacies involved in any subject. Instead of inspecting the progress of work, they like to do the things on their own. This gives them the much-needed satisfaction.
  • By carefully evaluating the minor details of the work, they are able to notice issues soon. They are critical in nature and can catch the areas that need improvement and perfection than the small-handed folks who bypass looking into details.
  • These people take up one job at a time and concentrate on it fully. They take their own time to look at the options, figures and facts before arriving at a conclusion.
  • As opposed to being quick-thinkers, people with the big hand are more alert and think in a slow and steady way.
  • Sometimes, these people themselves get involved and lost in the details and miss to see the big picture. At that time, they need someone who can make them aware of the big picture from time to time.
  • There is a greater influence of the Earth element in these people. Larger the hand more is the Earth characteristic. It is due to this attribute that these people are more patient, thoughtful, inquisitive, confident and observant.

Palmistry is an ancient science that can be very useful in getting informed about the possible traits of a person and things that can appear in future and take possible preventive measures. As different size of hand show different traits of the person, proper identification of the same is necessary.

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