Major Lines

Major Lines

Lines are an essential part of palm reading. Sometimes, lines are sufficient to narrate the past, present and future of your life. The extent of thickness and length of lines on both the hands are quite different from one another. This also has a reason behind it.

A palm reader would have a look at both of your hands. This is because the lines on the left hand are descriptive of what has been written in your fate by god. However, the right hand provides information about the work done by you throughout the life. These lines originate from the side of hand where the thumb is placed.

Types of Lines Present in Our Palm

Life Line

A lot of people are curious to know about the life line. This line plays a vital role in palm reading. Life line starts from the edge of the palm between thumb and the forefinger. It can extend to the base of the thumb. This line mainly shows the energy and physical vitality of a person. It also reflects the chances of falling ill and accidents that might happen during the life.

Patterns of the Life Line and Their Meaning

  • Absent Line- Not good, anxious and nervous person.
  • Deep line- Smooth life path.
  • Faint line- Low energy, less adventurous.
  • Chained Line- Presence of health or emotional problems.
  • Broken Line- Struggle, losses, accident or sudden change in life.
  • Deep and Long Line- Good health, vitality and stamina through life.
  • Deep and Short Line- Ability to overcome health problems in life.
  • Downward Branched Line- Poor emotional and physical health.
  • Upward Branched Line- Success and achievement.

Head Line

This is the second most important determinant in palm reading. It shows the wisdom, attitude, belief, strain capacity, thinking, creative and memorising ability of a person. The head line starts from the edge of the palm between the forefinger and the thumb. It is present in the middle of the heart line and life line. Life line extends across the palm across the middle part of the palm.

Patterns of the Head Line and Their Meaning

  • Long- Good memory and Intelligent
  • Very Long- Selfish and Very successful
  • Straight- Logical, Good, down-to-earth, Materialistic and Realistic
  • Short- Practical, Non-complex individual
  • Deep – Sensible, Excellent memory and concentration
  • Wavy- Short attention span, restless and unstable
  • Faint- Daydreamer, Low concentration and common sense
  • Broken- Nervous and Inconsistent thinking

Heart Line

This line is often called as the love line. It shows a person’s attitude towards love .It is situated above the head and life line. Heart line starts from the edge of the palm and is under the little finger. It runs across the palm area and ends below the forefinger, middle finger or the point where they join. It helps in answering whether you have simple emotions or complex, deep affection or not, etc.

Patterns on the Heart Line and Their Meaning

  • Deep- Stressful Life
  • Long- An open person and overall warmth
  • Very Long- Co-dependency towards parents
  • Short- Self-centred
  • Wavy- Many relationships
  • Chained- Easy to hurt, Unhappiness, Indecisiveness
  • Faint- Low emotional importance, Aloofness
  • Broken- Emotional trauma and Emotional stress

There are several other minute lines as well. They include Fate line, Apollo line, Bracelet line, Health line and Relationship line. Usually, a palm reader would look at the lines of both your hands to tell about things associated with your life.

Astrology basically consists of many different belief systems which can tell you the relationship between astronomical phenomenon and human being.

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