Children Line

Children Line

Foretelling the Future by Reading the Children Line – Art of Chiromancy

Palmistry is a practice of characterizing the future and foretelling it through the study of your palm. It is also known as chiromancy. A palm reader or a hand analyst evaluates a person’s future or life by analyzing various lines and mounts on their hands. The hand analyst generally reads the hand with which a person writes with (generally, right hand), as it signifies the conscious of the person.

Children are the wish and want of every married couple. This is one sphere of life each person wishes to be amply blessed with. If today someone would tell you what the future beholds, you would surely want to hear it out. Palmistry offers a way for you to know various questions that arise in your mind regarding kids.

The hand analyst evaluates the children line of your hand properly.

The Line of Children

They are located both above and below the marriage line. The short vertical lines which lie above the marriage line are an indication of giving birth to a male. The short vertical lines which lie below are an indication of birth to a female. These lines are better visible in case of palm of women. But some information can be gathered from the study of men’s hand too.

What Does All the Child Line Indicate?

The great abundance of the short lines indicates a fertile woman. It also foretells that the relationship, which the parent and child are going to share, will be harmonious and loving or not.

A palm reader can also give you an idea about the number of children you will be blessed with. To seek out this information, you need to count the lines. The lines are to be counted inward.

What Do These Lines Tell About The Children?

  • Broad and extremely prominent lines: These indicate the birth of a boy/s.
  • Narrow, thin and fine lines: These point out towards the birth of female kid/s.
  • The clarity of lines: If the lines are exceedingly clear, it is an attestation of their health. This implies healthy kids with their lives free from troubles. They will support their parents and themselves, supremely. However, if the lines are feeble, then the children would require support from their parents.


Some Things You Must Know about Children Line in Palmistry

  • The difference in The Length of Children Line: In some cases, one of the lines is longer than the other. This is an evidence of the fact that the child will be dearer to the parents. They will tend to be with this particular child, during their ripe old age.
  • Clear Children Line In A Male Hand: This is a proof of the fact that the man will be extremely fond of children.
  • Very Faint And Indistinct Lines: If the lines are vague and subdued then this shows that the child might be unhealthy. There is a great chance that this child will be in need of medical help every now and then.
  • The Islands: In a case where the line commences with an island, the child born under such stars is expected to have a feeble or a weak childhood. Another scenario can be that the line ends on an island. In that case, the child’s growth might be retarded.

There are some more questions which people wish to know through their children line reading in Palmistry. These include the following –

  • Child’s Gender: When the lines are vertical, it is a boy. However, if the lines are diagonal it indicates a girl.
  • Child Health: A line with good depth shows healthy life. In a case where the line has a circle symbol, it shows drainage of a child’s health. If the lines are wavy, then you must be ready for anxiety.
  • Twins: Doubling of major lines in palm indicates the birth of twins.

Palmistry can answer many deep-rooted questions. Everyone loves to know about the child. There is an entire gamut of emotions attached to kids, which makes every parent inquisitive, so they are compelled to find out about their future. The children line of your hand is like a glimpse of the tremendous things the future holds for you related to child birth and health. It is a powerful force, which has changed a million lives already. Do you want to be the next in line?

Astrology basically consists of many different belief systems which can tell you the relationship between astronomical phenomenon and human being.

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