Fate Line

Fate Line

Human palms are house to some distinct characteristics like lines, shapes and marks. These elements differ from one person to another and define various facts about life. If you are new to palm reading then Astro Charcha is the place for you to learn about all the important aspects of astrology in detail.

What is a Fate Line?

Fate line is mostly vertical in nature and is an essential part of palm reading. It helps in determining the relationship with success, human reliability, work, money and career of an individual. This line is seen to be stronger in men than women. Some people might refer fate line as the line of Saturn (as it touches the Saturn finger) or luck line as well. It is placed near to the wrist and extends up to the middle finger on the palm.

What Different Sizes And Conditions Of Fate Lines Reveal?

No Fate Line

Don’t worry if there is no fate line on your palm. The absence of fate line is not considered to be dangerous but it surely has some impact over the attitude of a person. It shows that you are easy-to-go personality, Free Spirit and willing to have fun anytime.

On the other hand, it may indicate that you are not too dedicated and serious about certain matters in your life. While absence of fate line on the right hand shows that you are care free towards matters associated with career only, a missing fate line on the left hand reveals you are care free towards close relationships in your life.

Right Hand Fate Line

It portrays the way you approach your purpose in life and the extent of dedication put in by you to achieve the goals or tasks related to a job.

All those who have a long, deep and clear fate line on their right hand are often termed as workaholics. These people have sheer dedication towards the completion of their tasks with a habit to seek more work regularly.

Left Hand Fate Line

The left hand fate line is associated with the inner world of an individual. It deals with the personal and family needs. Interests of such people are directed towards the comfort of their family.

Moreover, people with long and deep fate line on their left hand don’t invest time in activities away or outside the home. Their efforts are directed towards accomplishment of the family needs and desires.

Short Fate Line

The impact of a short fate line is somewhat similar to that of a no fate line. It indicates you are willing to take breaks in your career or job and make decisions to redirect the energies towards an altogether new sphere of career.

Your fate line can differ in pattern as well. It can be straight, double in number or wavy in appearance. These patterns indicate the nature or attitude of an individual. A palm reader would take all of these points into consideration to generate a thorough prediction about an individual’s life.

Astrology basically consists of many different belief systems which can tell you the relationship between astronomical phenomenon and human being.

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