Head Line

Mystery Behind Your Head Line


Origin of Head Line

Head line is an important aspect of palmistry and it possesses the potential to influence the major aspects of your life. It is also known as ‘Wisdom Line’ and reveals a lot about your intuitive abilities, intellectual development and mental makeup. The study of this line can help in self-discovery and predicting your future. Your life can change completely, if you understand your true self.

Head line is located above the life line and lies in the space between your thumb and index finger. This horizontal line runs across your palm and reaches the edge of the other side. Sometimes, this line originates from the extremely crucial life line and starts extending from there. It signifies strong mental strength.

Important Facts about Head Line

This line is capable of shaping up your destiny. The study of head line is extremely important in palmistry. It can easily predict the general events of your life and help you make better decisions.

  • In our life, the mind plays a very vital role. This line not only tells about the quality of one’s brain power, but it also reveals about mental attitude.
  • Head line can be used to analyse one’s intellectual strength. It gives useful information about a person’s weaknesses, creativity and communication style.
  • It primarily signifies mental state of a particular individual. Your analytical ability, level of self-control and concentration power can be revealed by properly analysing it.

Find out What Your Head Line Reveals

Our palm has four main lines and head line falls among them. It doesn’t reveal about your smartness, but it tells about how you use your mind.

  • If the head line is straight and consistently even, it denotes materialistic inclinations and lesser focus on delicate human sentiments.
  • If the line contains a little slope, it means that you have a liking for creative activities like painting, writing, singing, etc. The hand’s shape determines the exact field.
  • If the line comprises of tiny pieces that form a chain-like structure, it reveals your indecisiveness in almost every major move.
  • If your head line continues in a straight way throughout the palm and is very long, unusual intellect is reflected.

How Head Line Reading Can Help?

Palmistry can help you learn more about your personality and unveils your secret strengths. Now you can analyse your own palm, by knowing more about the head line from us.

Learn palmistry and unveil the interesting secrets behind the lines on your palm. Know what your future has in hold and understand yourself in a better way.


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